KA Newsletter

Summer 2021
“Find a way or make a way.”

—Lucius Annaeus Seneca
It is our hope that when you cannot seem to find the way forward, you will use your curiosity and creativity to make 
your own way through reflection, research, and reading.

Autumn Power Up! 
Just like our popular Spring Power Up! courses, our Autumn Power Up! courses are virtual classes that students access through KAC. Sign up today to reserve your spot in class! Find out more about Autumn Power Up! here.

The following courses start from September:
● Reading Building Blocks
● Word Blaster
● Math in English
● Learning Journey
● Fast Track Phonics
● New: Coding & 3D Modeling (KTech)

この秋もPower Up!コースを開講いたします。 KAのコアクラスにプラスし、英語学習の時間をもっと増やしたい方にお勧めです。

Summer Reading Competition 
The annual Summer Reading Competition is going strong!  With more new books than ever in our KA libraries, students have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding good summer reads. The final day for contest submissions is Wednesday, September 8. Winners will be announced the following week. Good luck to all of our curious readers out there!

Summer Reading Competitionを開催中です。夏休みの期間を利用し、たくさんの本を読みましょう!読んだ後はその本のサマリーと読んだページ数を専用のシートに記入し、オフィスまでご提出ください。読まれたページ数の合計でコンテストの優勝者が決まります。また、1枚提出する毎に1つスタンプが貰えます。
たくさんスタンプを集めて、mini prizeをゲットしよう!提出期限は9月8日(水)までです。皆様のご参加をお待ちしております。

Monthly Teachers Survey from KA Connect
Please take a few minutes to fill out our current Teachers Survey on KA Connect. Thank you in advance for your helpful feedback!

8月より、Monthly Teacher's Surveyをスタートいたします。毎月、月の初めにKA Connect上で1週間程度アンケートのお願いを掲載いたします。

Eiken Results
Congratulations to these students who passed the Eiken exam from May to July. Please check the result here.

もしまだ英検の結果をお伝えいただいていない方は、KA Connectより合格証のご提出をお願いいたします。ご提出方法がご不明な場合は、ご在籍のスクールまでお問い合わせください。

Hennyu Results
Congratulations to all of our students who took hennyu exams this summer. We would especially like to recognize the following students who passed their exams: Please check the result here.


Test Focus Week for Junior High & High School
Junior High & High School students will spend four weeks (9/9–10/6) preparing for these essential exams: Eiken, UNATE, TOEFL. 

9月9日(木)〜10月6日(水)の期間中、中高生プログラムではTest Focus Weekが行われます。今回から英検、国連英検、TOEFLなどのテスト対策クラス以外にも、中高生の皆様に楽しんでもらえる期間限定の講座もご用意する予定です。詳細につきましては、後日メールにてご案内いたします。

2021 Semester 2 Calendar
Please check out our 2021 Semester 2 Calendar from here! We will pass it over in class from 8/12.

Summer Break 
KA will be closed on Thursday, August 26 through Wednesday, September 1. 
Regular classes will resume on Thursday, September 2. 
Students should use this time to review their textbooks and read books for the KA Summer Reading Competition! This is a great time for students to catch up on any work they may have missed in their books. Students can also enjoy reviewing & studying on KA Connect, where they can listen to their teachers tell stories using key grammar points, access resources for improving grammar, play games to review vocabulary, complete Badge Quizzes to test their reading comprehension skills, read classic books from our Virtual Library, or practice typing by playing fun and educational games. 
Students can enjoy all of these activities and much more on KA Connect!

KAのSummer Break中も、KA Connectなどを活用し英語に触れる時間を作りましょう!