Distance Learning Courses【生徒・保護者の声】

Significant improvement of writing essays

Every week, the teachers gave essay feedback based on points such as our response to the topic and the use of language methods such as figurative speech. Having my essay marked by a teacher not only supported the progress of my general writing skills, but it shaped me into a unique writer. This is important in the exams because one of the most crucial aspect in an effective essay, especially in the entrance exams, is whether the candidate can produce an answer to the topic with originality. Talking about originality, DL students have the advantage of being in a perfect learning environment where they can enhance their language skills by actively participating in lessons and events in English. During the KA winter courses I took before the exams, I noticed that my style of writing was different from those around me, which I believe was the main reason why I was able to compete with the other candidates at a high level. I could not have achieved this without the DL teachers who did not try to force my writing into a chosen style, but instead worked with me to develop the qualities in my writing.

In the past few years, I have had the opportunity to study in a school in north London, in Shibu Maku, and as a DL student before and during the exam period. I strongly felt that all three schools offered a fun and competitive atmosphere despite some of them being online. However, one thing that I found ‘different’ with the DL program was the fact that we shared our essays through a virtual discussion board. Most of the keen students in the juken class chose to post their essay ideas in a chat every week where we were encouraged to give feedback on the plot, structure, and language devices others were planning to use in their essays. At first, I found it hard to understand why I had to comment on my classmates’ work and wanted to concentrate solely on improving my own essay. Having said that, it did not take me a long time to figure out that the peer assessment was making it easier for me to get closer to the type of essay I wanted to write. Since the DL students interact with the other students and teachers through their devices, many of you may believe that there are limitations to what they can learn, but I feel it is the exact opposite. There are few situations in which I could focus on others’ writing so I think being able to do so every day was one of the main reasons why I was able to develop my skill.
Y. N. - 6th Juken

Very helpful contents and tools on KA Connect

I feel like I was able to improve my skills substantially in the DL 6 Juken program this year! Though I started the program in July, I believe I have improved so much! There are countless aspects of this program that were beneficial to me, but I will write two of them here. First, the fascinating videos and the poems in the Extra Media were very useful to me. Watching every one of them every week, I was able to gain knowledge from a variety of areas such as global problems to listening skills. What was more interesting, I was able to incorporate them into my weekly essays! Second, the Discussions List was probably the most beneficial aspect of this program. Sharing my "Mock Draft" with my classmates and commenting on each other's drafts, not only was I able to improve on planning my essays, but I was also able to learn the importance of  "Give back what others have given you and do something nice for them as they did to you." My favorite part of the course is probably the Extra Juken Podcasts  as it helped me with a lot of my studies during the Juken season. For instance, it helped me move on from getting disappointing results in some of the exams I took. I especially liked the "Managing Stress During the Juken Season" podcast. It tells us about how to manage your feelings, so it was really helpful for me. 

H. T. - 6th Juken

You will get such beneficial feedback.

I believe that I have greatly improved my skills in the DL 6 Juken program this year.  The program's listening practices, especially the Blast From the Past ones, helped me to get a hang of listening. Additionally, doing the writing tasks and having feedback on it from the teachers were extremely beneficial. I learned an amazing amount of tips from the feedback, and I could feel myself becoming more comfortable with writing essays in general. My favorite part of the course was the Extra Media. It allowed me to take a break from my studies while I learned some fun facts that may come in handy during the essays and/or interviews. I believe that I have benefited from the course!

U. E. - 6th Juken


中学生の次女がアメリカ現地校在学中にDistance Learning を受講させていただきました。元々長女が中学受験、中高生向けのクラス(Global Studiesなど)でお世話になりましたので、KAの質の高いご指導には絶対的な信頼を置いていました。
また、地域の情報だけではわからない、日本でトップレベルの帰国子女に必要とされる英語力のレベルも認識することができ、帰国後の対策にもなると思います。Distance Learning を受講させていただき、貴重な学びの機会を得られたことに心より感謝しております。

Parents of W. - Essay Writing Course


スイスのインターナショナルスクールに通いましたが、KA さんの受講で、英語の論文力が非常に力がつきました。文法や、自然で的確な英語らしい言い回しや表現、書き方など、とても勉強になったとのことです。

Parents of S. - Essay Writing Course


Grammar やエッセイの書式については、Public School でも教わりますが、KA の Distance Learning では文章の内容まで踏み込んで細かく添削指導していただけたので、Public School の授業で学んだ内容を補完し、英語力をさらに強化する形で活用させていただきました。

Parents of R. - 5th Juken

I will not develop my skills without KA.

In the past four years of attending the KA Distance Learning program, I have developed and refined many skills that have helped me to improve as a writer. From my own experiences, I felt that the regular feedback from the distance teachers have had a significant impact on my ability to enhance my writing structure, grammar, and vocabulary. This program is something that I look forward to every week, and it has kept me motivated and inspired. 

K. T. - DL Zenith

KA made my goal clear.

By learning English and useful techniques via KA Distance Learning program, I have significantly improved in English Essay Writing - this have allowed me to achieve higher grades in English at school. The teacher’s voice comments and the feedback given to the essay are clear, and there also are suggestions on where I usually make a mistake, or where I could improve on. The essay questions are extremely enjoyable to think about, and I also feel a great satisfaction seeing an improvement in my English skills.

T. I. - DL Zenith



Parents of A. - 6th Juken


Distance learning にはお世話になりました。まず、テキストが非常によく出来ていて、単語を体系的に覚えられる様に工夫がされていたので、テキストの通りに確実にやる事のみに集中出来ました。

Parents of A. - 6th Juken

Amazing stuff here

These children spell out unfamiliar words to each other when either one of them gets stuck or they figure it out together! They are extremely polite to each other, and have very little time for extra conversations because the teacher will soon expedite the students back into the classroom, which is packed with full two hour lessons every week.
Homework is consistent, the grammar agenda is solid, not only that, the materials are fresh and entertaining!
We have been incredibly pleased with KA thus far and are looking forward to our second child starting as well.
I cannot recommend this program enough.

Parents of H. - Track Orange

I have got confident as a great writer!

Through the Distance Learning program, I have definitely improved my writing skills.  When I first joined the program, I was one of the weakest writers in my class, and now I’m one of the strongest! I find the detailed feedback most beneficial, as my KA teachers point out areas for improvement and give me suggestions that my regular teachers at public school don’t help me with. My favourite part of the course is that there are a lot of other tasks, like vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and media comprehension to help me improve my overall language skills, not just my writing! 

K. I. - DL Zenith

It is worth to take the program.

Thanks to the lessons in the DL 6 Juken program, I was able to grow in my skills of analyzing passages from the updates that are given on a weekly basis. Additionally, the essay practice was helpful because it taught me how to use remarkable vocabulary and grammar rules in context. My favorite part of the course was the assessments that were held once every three months because I was able to observe my growth by answering questions that were similar to the actual Juken questions. 

A. H. - DL 6th Juken



Parents of S. - 6th Juken



Parents of R. - 6th Juken


1つの Writing トピックに対して、繰り返し何度も添削やフィードバックがもらえたため、出来上がったときは達成感がある。インターナショナルスクールのESLでも、KAのようには何回も直してはくれない。

H. H. - Essay Writing Course

You will change with KA soon.

After writing essays in KA, I now understand the structures of essays which has helped me a lot in my schoolwork. Also when I looked back at my essays I realized that in a short period of time my vocabulary has improved a lot. I also think I had great feedback from the teacher which helped me improve tremendously. Maybe if the topic could be researched to write the essay it would be better. For example maybe you had to read a whole article based on the essay topic to write the essay. 

R. I. - Track Turquoise



N. U. - DL Live Zenith


アメリカ在留中の小学5年生9月からDistance Learningでエッセイを見ていただきました。現地の小学校でもまだ習わないようような高度なエッセイのテクニックをたくさん学ぶことができました。毎週細かく丁寧に添削していただけたことも、娘のライティングの向上につながりました。

Parents of S. - 6th Juken



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Parents of K. -  6th Juken