Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's World....


KA was established back in 2004 with one simple goal in mind: to help returnee and bi-cultural students maintain and develop their English. And nothing has changed about that. Our educational philosophy is still the same as it was when we opened our doors to our first student and began teaching out of a single classroom: to create a stimulating, all-English atmosphere where critical thinking and advanced communication skills can not only improve but thrive – a place where students with similar backgrounds and needs can meet and freely exchange ideas and opinions.


It didn’t take long for word to get out that KA was doing just that. Success story followed success story, and almost overnight KA became known in the returnee community as the place to go. The response to our courses and teaching methods was so favorable that we quickly added another classroom, and then another. Now we have KA branches throughout Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba. Close to a thousand returnee and non-returnee students are enjoying the benefits of the KA experience. And they will soon be success stories of their own.