Newsletter【Spring 2016】

●New School Year

The school year has gotten off to a busy start and we hope that students have settled into their new classes with ease as spring approaches.   ☆ KA Calendar 2016-2017


●Spring Event

KA celebrated the warmer weather with its annual spring event held on 21 March at Shiokaze Park in Odaiba. Though the grey sky threatened rain, the sun came out in time for the students to enjoy getting to know each other while doing a scavenger hunt, a game of Red Light, Green Light, and various sport activities. All the students who attended had a wonderful time. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next seasonal event in the winter.


●Tokyo Tech School

Tokyo Tech School is an exciting new venture being run from KA’s Toritsudaigaku campus. It offers programming courses like web design and 2D game design to both KA and KAIS EMS students. The new term starts on 19 April and ends on 2 June. The courses are for 4-6th graders as well as junior high and high school students. Click here for more details.



Congratulations to the following students who passed Eiken. We’re incredibly proud of you!


Eiken 1: Hazuki Y, Hiroki K, Yutaro W, So H, Shotaro M, Kosei Y, Shunsuke I, Seiya K, Keiichiro H, Yuna M, Misato K, Yurina I, Keigo M, Mei Y, Yuki I 


Eiken Pre-1: Reed S, Ayumi U, Keiichi H, Soya S, Yuki O, Sae I, Shintaro I, Naoki F, Marina A, Abeti T, Aoi K, Miku K, Kotoha I, Kenta O, Kazuto I


Eiken 2: Ayane S, Kazuki O, Ruri T


Eiken Pre-2: Taishi K, Ami I, Nao K, Reina O, Ruriko S, Yuka K, Misa N, Sena W


Eiken 3: Kairi Y, Manami M, Nao K, Sera T


Eiken 5: Eigo Y







KA has been a hive of activity as 2015 draws to a close!


Winter Event

To ring in the festive season, we held our annual Winter Event on November 23. The students played games and watched short films as they enjoyed a hearty meal. The results of the Winter Writing Competition were also announced, giving a number of students an extra reason to smile on their way home. Congratulations to those who placed in the competition!

Winter Day Camp

 KA will be hosting a series of exciting winter courses over the holiday season. Our Winter Day Camp, which runs over a period of three days, includes English, Science and Art classes. A number of the courses are already full, so act quickly to secure a spot for those that remain. 

Juken Season

The junior high juken season is currently underway, bringing to a culmination months of hard work and dedication from both the students and juken teachers. We wish each student the very best of luck as they hone in on passing the tests for their desired schools. 

Eiken in October/November

The latest round of Eiken tests took place in October. KA has introduced a new consultation system that creates a tailor-made study plan identifying students’ weaknesses and detailing exactly what they need to do to improve on them. We trust that this more streamlined approach will yield even better results in the future. Well done to all the students who passed the Eiken test – we’re very proud of you! 


Congratulations for passing EIKEN 1st grade: 

Ema Y, Anna S, Yu I, Yuma A, Himari C, Miyabi S, Miyuki S, Shingo K, Shuhei K, Yui M, Yuka S, Mirei M, Ryuki T, Ken S, Ryotaro N and Marina N. You did it! 


Congratulations to all who passed EIKEN pre-1st grade: 

Yuri M, Shimon I, Riko K, Hana Y, Minami N, Yui T, Yuri S, Misuzu K, Kou E, Shunsuke W, Nao H, Erina K, Madoka Y, Aya H, Ryota H, Suzumi H, Riho F, Hikari N, Kotoko O, Kitori H, Kota T, Sara T, Keitaro F, Ryoto Y, Gentaro M, Akane N, Emily Y, Ryo K and Riko M. You are all sensational!



Congratulations for passing EIKEN 2nd grade: 

Ruriko S, Sayaka S, Mayo S, Ryota Y, Rina K, Hana Y, Kosei M, Tomoka K, Sae T, Mai S, Mako K, Taichi M, Sara S, Kengo W, Yuzuki I, Koki I, Chiyu F, Tyler D, Sakutarou A, Yuria S, Chihiro M, Honoka Y, Narumi Y, Maya S, Hina H, Hana H, Masahiro A, Umeno H, Itsuki H, Yuka I, Keiichi H, Nana O, Kouhei M, Taiyo T, Rina K, Kensho T, Nana U, Touko K, Ryo M and Narumi E. Wonderful job! 


Congratulations for passing EIKEN Pre-2nd grade: 

Ryoka H, Takahide S, Sohei H, Asumi O, Chihiro M, Hiromu T, Kaishin M, Karina H, Haruki U and Sena O. Well done!


Congratulations to those who passed EIKEN 3rd grade: 

Taishi K, Yuka T, Sho N, Ryoma Y, Masataka O, Shisuke M, Rikuto T, Sena W, Fuka K and Ryunosuke I. Fantastic!


Congratulations to Manami M, Kaede A and Hugo I for passing EIKEN 4th grade. Great job!



Congratulations to Manami M and Kaede A for passing EIKEN 5th grade. You are on your way!



Congratulations to Sayo I for passing UN Eiken A. Superb!


Winter Break

Lastly, please note that although winter and juken courses will be running, regular classes will be closed from December 22 until January 3. We look forward to seeing everyone again in the new year and trust that you will have a joyous Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, and New Year. 


Newsletter【August 2015】

All The Latest News From KA




The summer of 2015 is shaping up to be a fantastic one at KA. Summer courses are booming, and at our exciting new day camp, students are having a blast in the science and art classes while building their reading and writing skills.



To encourage students to become voracious readers, we are again holding our KA Reading Competition. Each book a student reads counts as an entry towards winning a prize. We have already received numerous entries and are looking forward to seeing who clinches first place in each school once the competition comes to an end in September. 



With the opening of our new school in Toritsu Daigaku just around the corner, excitement is building for the Jiyugaoka students to start learning in a beautiful new environment. KA will be making the move in October.



The new location will also be home to KAIS Elementary and 

Middle School during the day. KAIS EMS has grown so much 

since it opened that it will now offer classes for Grades 1-3 from September. Contact the office for more information, if you are interested. Space is limited!


In other news, the most recent Eiken tests took place in June. They were a great success for KA students, who put a tremendous amount of effort into passing. 

These students are like a summer sunrise, extravagant and full of promise. Congratulations to you all!


Congratulations for passing EIKEN 1st grade: 

Mashio N, Ryota T, Rintaro F, Ryunosuke H, Yuichi M, Hinako Y, Moemi W, Yuto K, Taichi M, Kiichiro M, Sei S, Miuna I, Yu I. and Hanako I. You did it!



Congratulations to all who passed EIKEN pre-1st grade: Kishin N, Yuki H, Shun M, Satoshi U, Iori H, Hiroki K, Kento M, Himari M, Hikaru M, Ayami M, Lihito A, Momoka U, Kyoka Y, Kodai N, Haruto K, Kei N, Miyu O, Daisuke K, Kohei N, Ryo Y, Eriko Y, Manaka O, Mei M, Reo O, Haru A, Akane H, Rina S, Mio K, Tatsu N, Hyugo K, Sara S, Ryoko T, Kiana H, Yuno I, Mirei I, Saya K, Ayana K, and Takumi K. You are all sensational!

Congratulations for passing EIKEN 2nd grade: Yui H, Takumi F, Yuriko H, Riko H, Kai Y, Saya K, Masahiro U, Taro S, Yuta H, Yuki E, Akane K, Ray S, Liliko K, Ibuki M, Manaka O, Mutsuki T, Mei M, Mayu K, Minatsu I, Junsei M, Shun F, Izumi F, Ashley O, Ryota H, Hajime K, Shinnosuke T, Anna T, Haruka T, Ryota H, Ema Y, William H, Natsu N, Amane H, Mana A, Yuka N, Ryotaro T, Ryo O, Shusuke N and Shiori H. Well done!



Congratulations to those who passed EIKEN pre-2nd grade: Mai S, Yuichiro T, Keishin T, Yuka I, Rina K, Kosei M, Kokoro K, Natsumi Y, Shoma S and Marina K. Fantastic!



Congratulations for passing EIKEN 3rd grade: Ishin NRyosuke Y, Karina H, Kazuma S, Misa N and Yuta S. Good job!



Congratulations to Sena W for passing EIKEN 4th grade. You are on your way!



Congratulations to Karen M who won the grand prize at the Kids English Contest run by Kyoto Broadcasting System. Amazing!


Congratulations to Keiichiro H for passing UN Eiken A. Superb!



Newsletter【March 2015】

Dear KA Family,


We would like to thank you for the great support you showed us in 2014 and for the continued trust you place in us. Success in the world of education can be difficult to measure, but helping our students realize their dreams shapes all that we do at KA. We feel that we reached more students than ever last year.



KA Toritsudaigaku 2015年秋(予定) 自由が丘校が都立大学駅に移転します>

2015 promises to bring many exciting new changes not the least of which is the scheduled opening in autumn of our new school in Toritsu Daigaku! Our Jiyugaoka school will be making way for a beautiful new layout that we know students will thrive in. More details will be available in the coming months.


Spring Day School 2015 完全英語の 4日間 - お申込み受付中>

Places are still available for our spring day school running for 4 days from March 31 to April 3. Come and have your curiosity piqued and your creativity stimulated by our science, art and language classes.


Spring Event at Shiokaze Park in Odaiba 恒例のスプリングイベント開催決定>

We hope to see many of you, also, at the Spring Event in Odaiba on March 30. Spring has sprung!



Now, on to the best news of all!


<Congratulations! おめでとう! みんな頑張りました


♦ Congratulations to Tyler who passed the UN Eiken A and SA. Superb!

♦ Congratulations to Ayaka who was elected to participate in the National Model UN!


♦ Congratulations for passing EIKEN 1st grade: A.K., Hana, Hina, Miyu, Yuichi, Emiri, Mashio, Miyu, Manami, Keiichiro, Shunsuke, Ryugo, Erika, Sakura, Ryotaro and Mina. You did it!


♦ Congratulations to all who passed EIKEN pre-1st grade: Shunichi, Alice B., Mihane, Rintaro W., Kiyoki, Luna, Kazuhi, Fumihito, Ryunosuke, Riko, Rika, Ken, Ayu, Hiroya, Kei,  Sayaka, Mei, Shuhei, Itsuki, Kosuke, Moeka, Maho, Miyu, Yui, Chisato, Eri, Daiki, Kensuke, Chihiro, Kai, Misa, Nonoka, Yunosuke, Alice Z., Mami, Hinata, Naoki, Maho, Chinatsu, Iori, Ryosuke, Taka, Daisuke, Hideto, Junto, ReanneY, Yuki, Kazuma, Yuka, Narumi, Koji, Hikaru N., Yuka, Hidetoshi, Souma, Momoka, Hiroto, Marie, Kota and Kotaro. You are all sensational!


♦ Congratulations for passing EIKEN 2nd grade: Toma, Ichita, Hannah, Mei, Kiwa, Marisa, Ko, Shun K., Toranosuke, Yume, Kynan, Yuki A, Risa, Hiroki, Akira, Tetsuro and Haruya. Well done!


Congratulations to those who passed EIKEN pre-2nd grade: Akane, Kai, Maho S., Motoko, Tyler, Yuta, Kodai, Risa, Riko K, Misaki, Kyoka, Mayu, Mizuki, Kouki, Ryohei, Taiyo and Aki. Fantastic!

♦ Congratulations for passing EIKEN 3rd grade: Saya, Natsumi, Mizuki, Anmi, Moe, Rima, Sena, and Atsuta. Good job!


♦ Congratulations to Saya and Rikuto for passing EIKEN 4th grade. You are on your way!

♦ 2014 Writing Contest: The winter writing contest was a real hit this year. Students rose to the occasion and wrote a short, winter themed story or poem. We were blown away by all the creative submissions!

Writing Contest Winners


1. Hanako

2. Ruihiko & Asa

3. Rio


1. Tomokazu

2. Yui & Haruka

3. Margaret


1. Motoko

2. Harutaro & Karen

3. Toranosuke


1. Yurina

2. Aya & Yuto

3. Sora


1. Satomi

2. Soma & Takuma

3. Yuki


All of us at KA are so proud of the goals you have accomplished. Way to go everyone!


Thank you again for choosing KA as your child’s home for English. We look forward to sharing another year of success, felicity, and friendship.