KA Field Trip – October 2023 –

KA Field Trip – October 2023 –

10月末日、KAに在籍の中高生を対象に KA Field Trip を実施し、東京都美術館で開催されている永遠の都ローマ展を鑑賞しました。


On the field trip to ‘Rome, the Eternal City' at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, we were able to see many sculptures and paintings related to the ancient city. My favorite part of the exhibit was the area with many statues of emperors. It was very interesting because all the statues gave a glimpse of what it was like during the time of the Roman Empire. Not only could I see what the trend in hairstyles was like back then, but I could also see that while some statues obviously were idealized, others, like the statue of Caesar, weren't. Many statues were obviously broken, probably by emperors who didn't want statues of their predecessors. I also learned many new things from KA teachers; for example, some paintings are displayed on red walls because the interiors of houses and galleries were colored at the time some paintings were composed. At the gift shop, I bought a can of sardines from Italy. I thoroughly enjoyed the field trip, and if there is going to be another one, I will sign up.

Kai U.